Tiger Africa is the husband and wife team of Richard and Astrid, who have both been in the broadcast and film industry for 25 years and have travelled together extensively around Africa shooting, producing and directing news, short film, documentaries and stills.

They operate from two bases in Africa; namely Lusaka and Johannesburg and have no reservations travelling to any African country.

Richard Kille: DOP Video Cameraman/Editor
Richard was born in South Africa and has been a DOP and Video Cameraman for 25 years. He has vast experience with ENG and the video industry. Over the past 15 years he has become a proficient lighting video cameraman who is well known in the broadcast and commercial shooting scenes in Cape Town and Africa. Richard has a comprehensive skill set that enables him to find those great shots which illuminate outstanding video productions and has the natural ability to see the story from many different angles. Richard started in the industry with news and has continued to do news throughout his career, along with documentary, short film and commercial shooting. Richard is passionate about Africa and telling her stories.



Astrid Kragolsen-Kille: Director/Art Director/Producer and Photographer
Astrid was born in Zambia and went to school in England. Living between so highly contrasting worlds ignited a fascination for the idiosyncrasies of Africa. As the daughter of an award winning photographer, many of her childhood hours were spent in her father’s darkroom. Colour and light have always been part of her visual language and years later she has a collection of incredible images. Working on projects with international broadcasters, not only as photographer but as director and producer, has given Astrid the opportunity to travel to many different African countries. Her camera is always nearby; ready to capture the world around her. Astrid photographs for exhibitions, magazines and books whilst her commercial work for advertising, billboards and catalogues have been used both locally and internationally. Astrid is passionate about people and telling their stories.

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